Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surrender to Shopping!

I headed South on 101 to Los Angeles just to have a peek at the fall fashions on Wilshire Boulevard....just a peek! I parked my car and headed into my favorite store and low and behold (actually, high and behold!) there she was! My first star sighting of the day! What might Mary Poppins have to do with shopping? Everything! She can arrange a bird's eye view of all the fashions on any floor with a pop of her umbrella and she can pull any trick out of her satchel to seal the deal! Plus, she is just plain chic. I couldn't stop smiling at her-- she didn't return the smile but she gave me the feeling that it was going to be great day! A little Mary Poppins magic and the economy just might lift!

So, with all the girls lined up, we began our fall fashion moment!
Now, I almost lost my head a few times; so many gorgeous garments and accessories... I kept reminding myself that inspiration was the best deal of the day and much less expensive than anything that Alber Elbaz had to offer!
So, I set my head straight and began again. We stuck to our shopping agenda, had lunch at our favorite Brighton Cafe and dished on all the fake ____________________( you fill in the blank) we saw walking around.
When we resumed our looking, we were delighted to see a real pair of ____________amongst the many delightful pairs of shoes! It must have been that Mary again--performing her magic!
As the day came to a finish, we plopped down in the shoe department of Barney's and felt victorious that we had made it out with so few "injuries". Just when I thought I had won the shopping battle, I spied a fabulous pair of Dries pumps and tried them on just to see if they were comfortable.... Well, they were quite comfortable and in that moment I knew that surrender was imminent! Victory? It's all in the packaging!