Thursday, June 21, 2012


On your mark, get set, wait!
It seems that everyone in my world is waiting on something: a deal, a job, a visa, a phone call,  an email, a check... and on it goes that character building, patience trying thing known as the waiting process.

I feel like we are all lined up waiting for the "go" to be called! "Go!" so we can start breathing again, planning again, laughing again. There must be a trick to trick yourself into thinking you aren't waiting! For sure, standing still is deadly.

So let's all stay in motion and feel confident that something good lies ahead and be open to whatever that "good" turns out to be.  Getting what we want can be very staisfying... immediate gratification at its best!  And sometimes, not getting what we think we should have is the best thing that could happen...delayed gratification at its best!  No matter what, there will be gratification because everyone in my world who is waiting is so deserving. Come what may, the "go" will  be an adventure!

On your mark, get set.....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Honor Collar

Every time we removed  Bouzette's collar,  she always stood at attention, head held high waiting for it to be put back on.  I would have thought it to be a relief to feel it come off--a feeling of freedom.   In thinking more about it, I believe it gave her a feeling of belonging--that she preferred wearing it.

When  we bring a pet home to become part of our family, we choose a collar for practical purposes; to attach a leash and to add the identity and vaccination tags.  We place it on for the first time and we know that he or she belongs to us--that she will go where we go and live our lives alongside us.  And when we take it off for the last time, we know that she was never really ours to keep....
The collar, then, is a symbol of honor--the honor to have shared the love, the excitement, the devotion of an amazing pet for the time that was so preciously given us.