Sunday, February 28, 2010

To Paris On A Cloud

I'm off to Paris. I'm flying there but if I could substitute a plane for a cloud, I would.
That's what I do when I'm in the plane and we are taking off. I close my eyes and imagine that I am floating in a cloud and that calms my heart. At least part of my heart. The other part is beating so fast and that cannot be helped for I am in love with Paris.
When I arrive, I will find my favorite corner florist and buy flowers for my room. I'm staying for ten days, why not wake up to flowers each morning?
Then, I'll set back out and have tea in a favorite cafe and try to believe I am there. I have been traveling to Paris for over 27 years now and each time I find myself in amazement that I am actually there. It's a magic that I never want to stop feeling.
I'll pay homage to my beloved Luxembourg Gardens and the Medici Fountain.
And I will never stop enjoying people watching like this man in purple pants!
Laduree will call out to me as I walk by...."macaroons for sale!"
Once I've finished walking for the day, I will head to Place Furstenburg for some peaceful beauty.
For fun, I will head to Palais Royal and watch the children race their tricycles. The joy on their faces match the joy in my heart. Beauty is everywhere!
And then, when it is time to leave, I will frame all my thoughts, photographic memories and dreams into gold frames that will stay with me as though I've mounted them on the walls of my heart. Au revoir! A bientot!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ojai Beauty

After a wonderful weekend visiting my parents in S. California, we headed back out on the road ready for a scenic drive home. With life moving at a slower pace for a change, we decided we were in no hurry to reach our destination. I love Ojai and know that their farmer's market on Sunday is special, so Hwy 133 was our new path.

Ojai is a very artistic and spiritual community and you can feel the great energy amongst the small crowd at the market. We didn't want to leave even when we were finished shopping! So round and round we went taking pictures, sampling food and talking to interesting people.
How could we resist eggs named Lily?
The colors were blinding!
And radishes resting on a cardboard box were more charming than ever!
Sweet organic strawberries ....
The basket man from Dakar! Of course we bought a red one!
More astounding color
And soft green lettuce to finish!
And then, there is Bart's Books. Bart's is one of my most precious childhood memories. It is the most inviting bookstore ever and I spent hours and hours reading used books in quiet corners here with the sun peeking through the sky lights. Throwing coins in the slot to pay for books when the store is closed is just beyond charming.
Today they were brewing very strong, aromatic coffee and although I didn't stop long enough to browse through any books, I took comfort in knowing that Bart's was still there offering a place to rest, refresh and gather new ideas. Ojai means Valley of the Moon but today, in the full light of the sun, we appreciated her beauty.