Friday, March 12, 2010

Homeless With Manners

On the rue de Grenelle, there lives this homeless man who, in below freezing weather sleeps here outside this market. I observed him for the ten days I have been here and have been amazed by his manners. When sleeping, he covers himself completely so that he maintains his privacy and when he is awake, he combs his hair, buttons his shirt up properly and sips on some coffee that someone has kindly brought him. Mostly, I noticed that when he goes "out" for the day, he makes his bed. It is so neat and tidy, just like him. Without ever speaking with him, or even making eye contact, he moved me. And so, on the day I took this picture, I went to the traiteur and bought him dinner. I placed it on his neatly made bed and hoped that he would be as moved as I was. And then I prayed for warmer weather....for him and all the homeless.

Place Vendome

Each trip to Paris I pay my respects to all of the exquisite jewels glistening in the Place Vendome. I walk window to window and pick out everything that I want for my "collection"--collection of dreams that is! It is a cost saving technique and it leaves me feeling quite satisfied!
This time, the Place was full of paparazzi all lined up in front of the Ritz. Who was it they were waiting for? During fashion week it could be anyone...
Here they all are converging on the black limo and if you look at the top center you'll see a small head of a blond woman wearing dark sunglasses....Kate Moss! I wonder what her jewelry collection looks like...
Then, across the way a bride was being photographed...I assume her gems were already selected!
After taking all of that in, I headed to Dior to see the wonders of Victoire de Castellane.

Then to Bulgari! Definitely added Julianne's carved emerald earrings to my list!
Cartier and the 10 carat pear shaped diamond...
Boucheron and a fabulous pair of sparkling chandeliers....I love diamond chandeliers!
To the darker side with Codognato.

And finishing with the bird set free at Maboussin. Would that it fly into my handbag! Just another day in Place Vendome!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

La Verite~ The Truth

You know that I love Paris. I love Paris! But this time, I feel like I'm struggling to get along with a old lover.
Parisians are sharp and pointy right now....aggressive, even.
In my favorite cheese shop, Barthelemy, Nicole (the owner) lost it and started yelling at one of her helpers. All I did was request two of my favorite artisan yoghurts and the fact that their removal left a gap in the line up on the shelf, started a yelling match between them. I paid and scooted out with my head down, trying to avoid the controversy. I felt like I was in a live game of chess....something was moved and something else took over!
Did I already mention sharp and pointy? I make my point!
Yes, Paris is roaring like a one likes the cold and the weather is unlike any March weather in centuries. People are frowning, growling, screaming and insulting ...a veritable grab bag of emotions.
When I feel unsettled, I need to head someplace peaceful. I heard the Luxembourg calling out to me. It is so cold, but I bundled up and sat in a chair to feel the warmth of the sun.
Empty chairs were never so inviting. No people! Close your eyes and open them again to this beauty!
Shadows became could I not smile?
With all the calm settling over me, I left the garden and walked back to my hotel. In my survival kit is my eye for beauty. Beauty saves me time
and time again. On this visit, Paris is writing prose not poetry. And like in any relationship, I will close my eyes to parts I don't like so that I can remember what it is I love.