Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Composition

Sitting, waiting. Life in review. Born artists we are...writing our own songs. Off key, on key --we are a prelude to our own lives and then we are a succession of chords, a refrain and a reprise if lucky. We sing in chorus with our friends and loved ones...joyful, full of hot air and deep breaths. Breathe.... We breathe our way to the end of the song and until the last breath we give it our all. Each day begins with a familiar tune and we hum it gladly, full of life and harmony. When the sun sets, our voices go quiet.

Sitting, watching my father breathe quietly, machines beeping all around us making noise like scratches in old records... I close my eyes and hear him practicing his songs for his singing lessons. He's in our family room warming up his deep voice, standing so tall and singing the first few words to his favorite song, "Old Man River". It calms me to remember.

If the maestro were to enter the room, the message would certainly be: keep composing, sing loudly and harmonize together. Sing until your breath is gone. Life is your composition.