Saturday, January 23, 2010


Peace and calm does not describe New York but then, I didn't go there to find that.
From the moment I walked out the door of the apartment where I was staying, I felt that each step on the pavement was like a strike of a key on a typewriter...I was writing a story just by being there.
My view from Anne Thompson's apartment was spectacular. New York simply has a way of making one's blood move faster through the veins... I felt so alive.
Anne was away and as they say, "while the cat's away the mice will play!"
I had to try on her Emmy award...
and her shoes...
In a quiet moment, I captured myself on film getting ready to go to Vera Wang's home for dinner. I wanted to remember what that moment looked like.
Vera, Peggy and I toasted our meeting with a generous vodka martini! The four hour evening was like a slow motion film...I absorbed as much as I could and am still seeing flashes of it in my mind.
740 Park Avenue was the childhood home of Jacqueline Bouvier and has been the home of countless amazing figures in our lifetime. Just stepping inside was like taking a step into history.
The next day, we enjoyed tea and cookies at the bar restaurant, One if by Land , Two if by Sea in Greenwich Village.
We also had a great time trying on clothes with Maria, Vera's assistant in her atelier.

Our evening with Peggy's agent Sue at Megu Restaurant, was a treat.
A month has passed since this trip and I have been asked so many times what will come of my meeting with Vera. My answer remains clear for me... It is difficult in life to see how everything we do and everything we experience adds up. Every minute of that trip counted and each experience is framed in my mind. The sum total of it (if we are adding) gives me momentum. Momentum to do more, feel more, create more, and desire more. Momentum that pushes me closer to living my dream. In life we have to find our inspiration and then we have to put momentum behind it...this is what came from my meeting with Vera.