Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Love Travels

Coming and going...opening and closing.  Today we will open and close the door to Palo Alto Avenue for the last time.  It is a moment of no path in front of us and no road map.  It is a moment of faith that all we have done will lead us in a fulfilling direction. They say that to survive this world, we have to maintain a high level of flexibility and that implies movement.  We know how to move!!

While we have never done this, we decided to host the new owners Gretchen and Matthew for a candlelight dinner in the garden. We saved 10 plates, 10 glasses, and 10 sets of silverware from the moving boxes and set a table under the Moroccan chandlier where dreams could be made--ours and theirs. The inside of the home was definitely in "deshabille" but the chosen dining spot in the garden was aglow.   From the moment they walked through the door, it was as if we had known each other for a long while. We inspired one another, we laughed and we shed a quiet tear here and there.  Love was the theme of the evening as they spoke of falling in love at first sight with the house. Later, they expressed that what sold them was all the love they felt inside the house.  There could be no finer compliment.They promised to build on the love they felt and we will continue to build and love in a new world.

This morning, I awoke on Greenwood Lane and saw the Palo Alto peony petals had fallen and created a wreath-like design around the vase.  I'm always looking for symbols in the Universe and so I interpreted this one to be a symbol of completion and celebration.

So here we go--off to define a new path! Love travels!