Saturday, June 6, 2009


Talk about fabulous! He stepped off the escalator accompanied by one of his very well-dressed clients and I swooned! She was wearing a one-of-a-kind Chanel jewel encrusted leather jacket and was carrying a pink crocodile Hermes handbag embellished with diamonds. Yes, diamonds. My friend said, "I want to be her!" I said, "I want to be him!" Dean works for Chanel in New York. His black sequined blazer worn with black jeans and a crisp white shirt was stunning and I absolutely loved the Camellia "jabot". But beyond all that, Dean is a gentleman. He knows his product inside and out and he makes his customer feel beautiful even if she is no where near able to fit into the sample size garments he is selling. If the sleeves are too tight, he says that Chanel isn't very kind about the fitting of its sleeves. He explains in his soft manner, that all the seams have a 2 inch allowance--that they are begging to be tailored to fit each woman's body and her needs. There is nothing to feel badly about when you are with Dean, there is only beauty and charm and the potential of a dream Chanel wardrobe.
I didn't walk away with any clothes, but I did walk away truly inspired.

Beauty in Imperfection

I was invited to attend the opening of Van Cleef and Arpels in San Francisco this past week.  The jewels were glittering in every corner of the room but for some reason my eye kept going to the run in this woman's stocking! I found a certain charm about it!  Beauty in imperfection. 
My eyes finally moved off the stockings and over to this man's sleek hair, black rimmed glasses and fabulous orange coat.  The pink flowers on the side added the perfect touch.  
And since I was there to see the jewels, I should add that they didn't disappoint!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Drive South

If you can't be shopping the Paris Flea Market, then Summerland Antique Collective is a great choice.  Who says all the treasures are in France? Head to Southern California on 101 and take the Summerland exit.  There is only one main street in the town (Lillie Avenue) but an incredible selection of antique shops to choose from. Have a coffee and cinnamon scone at Tre Lune and begin your hunt!
Leave the shopping and come with me on my drive through the Santa Ynez vineyards on Foxen Canyon Road.  Mozart is playing, the raptors are flying and the grapes are divine.
Not many cars on the road....just peace and quiet.
Juxtaposed to the vineyards are the grazing cattle and the cowboys mounted on horseback--all in white hats.  Not a black cowboy hat to be found in the Valley. The energy is good!
Stop and chat with the locals and find some wonderful single vineyard wines.  My pick this round? Bell Glos' Clark and Telephone Pinot Noir 2006.  Rich, fruity and great for the soul.


A trip to L.A., Beverly Hills to be exact.  Life is transparent old-fashioned, hidden charms but maybe a few hidden agendas.  It's all black and white with a dash of color.  What you see is what you get....maybe. 

And the shopping?  Crazy shoe sale at Saks.  Shoes were falling from the sky and money dripping from all the designer handbags.  Louboutins exhausted, laying on their sides.
So many shoes on display....and people too.  One never knows who one might see......