Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Golden Girl

 Salinas--October, 1997.  We drove to a remote farm to select our precious new golden girl!  There were two girls and two boys--Camille made the choice! We couldn't believe it when we were told that her birthday was July 23rd! It was meant to be.  We drove Bouzette home in a blanket with her head resting on my lap... We were all three beyond thrilled.
 She was majestic in every way.  She began each day of her young adult life by heading to the vineyard to watch the quail.  She then made her way down to the pool for a swim and then back into our breezway to shake all of the water off (with delight )onto our hardwood floors!  Somehow, it just seemed right.
Today, we drove to the veterinarian's office.  Once again, her head was resting in a blanket on my lap.  She was tired this time--a different kind of tired and I was peaceful this time-- a different kind of peaceful.  15 years has passed and with those years she placed her head on our laps, her heart in our hands and now her life forever in our memories.  So very hard to say goodbye.