Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Put The Brakes On!

I don't like speed and I don't like to feel like my vehicle is spinning out of control! We were in Aspen on our snowmobiles and NOT going at top speed by most standards. Everyone was laughing and pressing down on that gas pedal and then there I was....pressing heavy on the brake and light on the gas. After awhile, I lost sight of them. I was trying to breathe and tell myself to enjoy the beauty all around me but honestly, I was scared. Every time the snowmobile slid to the edge of the road I panicked. I kept going....slowly (beyond slow) and then, up ahead, was Dave waiting for me. He was laughing at me but at the same time, caring that I was ok. He gave me many things, but one of the most important was the ability to laugh at myself. We have all talked about the infamous snowmobile ride over the years and done a lot of laughing about it but now....I wish I could hear his laughter all over again. I'll be cautious going forward---that's just my nature, but I will not put the brakes on living! His lessons keep speaking to me.