Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is a list of what I want....

There is just enough of a child left in me that I still believe I can have all that I want. Granted I now know that it will be me who has to supply it and not Mr. Claus! Today I woke with a sense of longing...I wanted to be surrounded by my loved ones, to make holiday plans, share wish lists and finish the day with a fabulous cooked meal. I love my alone time but not today. No reason, no rhyme, just not today. I was about to think that I couldn't have what I wanted and then I opened a old book. I was researching the crown jewels and inside was an old envelope addressed to Mr. Claus, 1 North Pole Avenue, North Pole, NP 00010. My heart started jumping as I read Camille's Christmas list to Santa. Just her handwriting made me happy! Long ago I began to place letters in books and forget about them on purpose. The thinking was that I would find them one day again when I truly needed to find them. Like magic they would take me back in time, flood me with memories and reminders that would then inspire me anew. With today's discovery, my longing lessened and I was filled with so many wonderful memories of times past when the Christmas list would get written, holiday plans would begin brewing and visions of that year's Christmas dinner would begin to develop. I could hear the excited voices and see the bright eyes full of dreams both material and otherwise and, in that moment, I felt surrounded by my loved ones. Instead of wishing for everyone else's lists and excitement , what I got today was that I would make my own.
So here is a list of what I want for Christmas:
Christmas spirit even when I am alone
Holiday recipes to share
Letters sent to me that I can keep hiding
Books to tuck them in
Oh, and maybe one of the jewels I saw in the Queen's crown...
Love, (one and only, I think) Carla Labat