Friday, December 27, 2013


Alain and I bought our first home on Archer Way in 1986.  When we had friends over, they marveled about how perfect it was for us but when we had Dave over, I could see him reworking the kitchen and family room in his mind. It was always our dream to have Dave build a home for us but we were young and just starting our journey into the world of work, earnings and responsibility. Within one year, all of that changed with Dave's project on Bella Vista Court in Los Gatos. We squeezed through the loan process and into our first Flick home…our dream came to life! Little did we know at that time that our dream would be a recurring one! After Bella Vista Court came Francesca Court and after that came Quail Hill Road. He helped us on Kellogg Avenue and then the beautiful remodel on Palo Alto Avenue became one of his finest pieces of work.  When we sold this home, I grieved and I believe part of that grief came from knowing that he would never be involved in our future homes again.

Over the past 8 months, we have looked for a new home… sometimes it was a half-hearted search thinking that no home could ever live up to a home that Dave was a part of. Searching for a new home then, became a soul-searching process as well.  The places in our hearts that are emptied by grief, have to be replenished.  It doesn't mean our love for anyone is replaced, it is just that we have to find a way to love differently.

Our home search took us to many beautiful Spanish- style homes and each one felt familiar --like it would work fine for us and yet my heart stayed still.  I finally realized that I was gravitating toward what we had known and not toward what we needed to discover. Magically, Amherst Avenue came on the horizon!  The moment I stepped inside, my heart began to beat! I couldn't wait to bring Alain to see it and I thought about how Dave would approve of it.  It was originally built in 1950 and had been completely restored in its' mid-century modern glory by the owners.  We made an offer to buy it and we were on our way!  Now if we could only involve Dave in some way…. and so, on our offer letter, we decided to set the closing date to December 27, 2013--Dave's 56th birthday!

Today, we are thrilled to own Amherst Avenue.  Dave and all our friends and family will be with us in spirit as we sit on a bench and dine from a tray table tonight.  What I know is that home is people and not just a place.  I will close my eyes and see what is no longer there and with a full heart will welcome all that is to come!