Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves

Today, my lovely mother had lunch with my childhood next door neighbors, the Lewis girls. Terry Lewis was my first best friend--we were inseparable. Terry's birthday is in November and mine April which meant that she had to start kindergarten before I did. I still remember the feeling of losing my best friend to school. During lunch, my mom, Maxine (the mom), Kathy (the older sister) and Terry were reminiscing about our lives on Arbor Avenue when Terry confessed the real reason why she didn't want to start school way back when. She didn't want to go to kindergarten because she just wanted to play with Carla.

I was at the grocery store when I saw the light on my blackberry flash and found the email from my mother telling me this story. Reading this line about Terry, made my eyes fill with tears and my heart with love from times past. You see, when Terry and her family moved from Arbor Avenue part way through my elementary school years, I experienced my very first heartbreak. All of these feelings came pouring out at the grocery store...and just by accident (if you believe in them) I was standing in front of the canned pumpkin. All I could think of was pumpkin pie...I had to make one.

There are many things that make up the human heart and the American spirit and three of them are cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Combine them to live fully.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Art of the Corset

How can I resist sharing this amazing work of art with you?
There are so many gifts that this designer/artist has to offer, but her corsetry work is beyond spectacular! German model and designer, Miss Natalie Tonnis, came to my photo shoot for Camille K Jewels wearing this corset. She had told me that she was working on one, but I had no idea what it would be like. She slipped in the front door of our home late for the shoot, wearing a great big smile and a stunning corset. "Shall I wear this today? I worked all morning to finish it on time." I would have been out of my mind to say no. One look at this corset and I declared it a masterpiece of boning, structure, panels and stitching. One look at it on Natalie, and I wanted to capture it in an image similar to the famous Horst shot. When my heart starts palpitating, I know I have found a treasure. The art of the corset. Mr Pearl beware!

What is a Gem?

We think of gems as actual stones in all their brilliance but a more broad definition of "gem" can be found in unexpected places. This Camille K neckpiece Gaillon, began with vintage silver bullion French passementerie placed in rows to form a collar. It was further punctuated with a vintage rhinestone moon and star. It has graced the neck of Miss Peggy Fleming borrowed for a magazine shoot and will be a featured piece for the upcoming Camille K show Mad About Jewels in November.
Another gem, Fauvette, began as a bundle of silver bullion strings and became a modern day jabot. Framed by a Paris flea market find, it becomes a couture portrait.
Courtaline features rock garnet jewels placed strategically on vintage brown velvet appliques with a large rhinestone "wink" added for the pleasure.

What is a gem? Anything that makes your heart race and your eyes open wide.

Friday, October 23, 2009

We'll Always Have Paris

Fair la leche-vitrine! Go window shopping!

Achetez un pair des chausseurs rouges! Buy a pair of red shoes!
Trouvez du bon beurre... Find the good butter!
Trouvez une chaise rouge et boire un cafe bien tasse! Find a red chair and have a great coffee!
Admirez les beaux chiens...Admire the beautiful dogs!
Entrez dans les portes ouverts! Go in when the door is open!
Oubliez pas les mannequins sur le camion! Don't forget the mannequins in the truck!
Encadrez vos souvenirs! Frame your memories!
Trouvez la beaute par tout! Find beauty everywhere!

Monday, October 12, 2009

When Was the Last Time You Napped in the Grass....

Found an empty bench and occupied it....
Walked a road with no destination in mind....
Had a tete a tete with a cow......
Stopped by the side of the road to photograph the beauty that catches your eye....
No time like the present...